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For more than seven decades, Milliman has been helping solve some of the world’s most critical and complex healthcare issues, from data analytics and healthcare financing to risk management and business transformation. We’re proud to share our expert thinking.

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MedInsight solutions

Based on our deep industry experience, we've tailor-made suites of functionality and analytics to help you easily find the perfect balance of technology, expertise, and support your business requires.
Healthcare Data Analytics Payer Solution
MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Payer

Delivers payer-focused capabilities such as benchmarking cost and utilization metrics, population health management, employer group reporting, and many others.

Healthcare Data Analytics Provider Solution
MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Provider

Helps ACOs and at-risk providers with financial and clinical management, including benchmarking, population health management, and chronic condition analysis.

Healthcare Data Analytics Multi-Payer Solution
MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Multi-payer

Provides tools for managing All Payer Claims Database (APCD) initiatives, including data aggregation and integration, quality-based analytics, and public reporting.

Healthcare Data Analytics Employer Solution
MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Employer

A complete solution for analyzing unpaid claims liabilities, combining our industry-leading stochastic modeling tools with a robust suite of deterministic reserving tools and methods.

Healthcare Data Analytics Government Solution
MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Government

Helps state governments proactively watch key healthcare trends to ensure that reimbursement rates are set appropriately, and managed Medicaid plans are performing.

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