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16 March 2023 - By Sumeet Vashishta

With diabetes, adherence to noninsulin antidiabetic medications correlates with more outpatient and fewer inpatient visits, and lower total expenditures.

20 September 2021

Learn how a provider's relative performance, or 'value', can be evaluated through three key components in an equation: quality, efficiency, and cost.

08 September 2021

Learn about the many different diagnostic groupers to group ICD10 codes into meaningful categories for healthcare data analysis

03 March 2021

Learn common data quality issues that accountable care organizations (ACOs) face and some solutions they can use to build confidence in their data.

08 May 2020

Listen to our Society of Actuaries podcast series on Python: a very popular coding language for doing predictive modeling and data science.

30 March 2020

Learn why ACOs participating in the MSSP focus less on implications of risk adjustment or assume they have little ability to affect their risk scores.

24 February 2020

We analyzed MedInsight client telehealth data for 2010-2017 with over 3.9 million Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial plan members: see the results.

06 November 2019

Learn why over half of CT scans of the head for dizziness in the emergency department (over 2.5 million per year in the US) are considered wasteful.

22 October 2019

Listen to seven most important episodes of Milliman's Critical Point podcast series, which takes a deep dive into matters of health and well-being.

29 August 2019

Learn the causes of high rates of unplanned readmissions, which indicate poor quality care that increase healthcare system financial burdens.

27 June 2019

To identify drug spending trends, MedInsight conducted an analysis of our client data with commercial population and included all retail prescriptions.

26 March 2019

Learn about key changes from the proposed to final CMS rule, whose main focus is to transition ACOs into risk-bearing contracts sooner.

12 February 2019

Learn how recent advances in healthcare data analytics call into question the utility and value of monthly retrospective data for provider analytics.

04 February 2019

Review study findings of prescription patterns for antidepressant medications in bipolar patients using claims data from 2 million health plan members.

14 November 2018

Learn how to more effectively communicate with older patients, whose hearing loss may contribute to lack of adherence with provider guidance.

07 November 2018

Learn common data quality issues that Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) face and some solutions they can use to build confidence in their data.

06 November 2018

Learn how the new CMS proposed rule ends the Track 1 program and replaces it with a new five-year agreement called the BASIC track.

06 November 2018

Learn how the new CMS proposed rule is intended to help ACOs innovate and be successful in care coordination, promote beneficiary engagement, and more.

06 November 2018

Learn how, in the new CMS proposed rule, ACOs will choose between two tracks - Basic and Enhanced - and which makes the most sense.

27 September 2018

CMS has released a proposed regulation that accelerates the path for accountable care organizations (ACOs) to participate in shared risk arrangements.

08 August 2018

See the results of our study on beta blocker adherence between different demographic groups and its impact on emergency and inpatient utilization.

06 August 2018

Read the Twitter chat on healthcare waste between MedInsight, Harvard Medical School's Dr. Michael Chernew and VBID Health's Dr. Mark Fendrick.

19 July 2018

See the results of our analysis on physical exam effectiveness using our healthcare data analytics platform on 12 million members over 5 years.

27 June 2018

See the results of our analysis on different anesthesia methods and impact on colonoscopy effectiveness using our healthcare analytics platform.

18 June 2018

Learn how a study using our healthcare data analytics platform indicates whether claims data can be used to understand opioid prescription trends.

14 June 2018

Dr. Fendrick conceptualized Value-Based Insurance Design and spoke with us about healthcare waste and work with the MedInsight Health Waste Calculator.

11 June 2018

See the results of our analysis on asthma medication adherence, conducted an analysis on a large database using our healthcare data analytics platform

21 May 2018

Listen to the podcast 'Machine Learning Tools Overview' to learn about the range of tools available to help implement machine learning in healthcare.

18 April 2018

To explore the extent of generic drug usage in pharmacy prescriptions, we conducted a focused analysis using drug categories in a client database.

04 April 2018

See the results of our analysis asthma controller medication adherence rates, treatment outcomes, and potential associations with specific drugs

27 February 2018

The article highlights Virginia's use of the MedInsight Health Waste Calculator, which identified more than $586 million in unnecessary costs

21 February 2018

Learn why inappropriate imaging use contributes to unjustifiable healthcare costs, irrelevant findings and exposes patient to unnecessary radiation

06 February 2018

Regardless of whether you're a payer or a provider, learn the same three fundamental steps to actually reduce healthcare waste.

30 January 2018

Our Health Waste Calculator has identified pre-operative cardiac testing for patients undergoing low- or moderate-risk non-cardiac procedures wasteful.

03 January 2018

Although it's long been a common practice, learn why there is little evidence that supports any benefit for 'routine testing' before low-risk surgery.

08 December 2017

Learn why leveraging RVU methodology with risk adjustment provides more insights into variances due to population severity and provider efficiency.

19 October 2017

Learn how the task force on low value care narrowed the list to six measures, meant to serve as a starting point to reduce wasteful care.

14 December 2016

Learn how our Health Waste Calculator can identify wasteful imaging practices for low back pain, using an evidence-based algorithm to analyze claims.

07 September 2016

We have reviewed several inpatient admission methods with their potential advantages and shortcomings and have explored their impact.

20 July 2016

Learn about our new article, 'Leveraging Telemedicine and Digital Health Tools as a Strategy for Network and Quality Management'

20 July 2016

The MedInsight Health Waste Calculator has been chosen by two state APCDs to identify unnecessary costs and procedures in healthcare delivery.

26 March 2015

Learn why coronary angiography is overused in asymptomatic patients and why it's important to improve patient selection for this diagnostic tool

19 March 2015

Here are six examples of patient-centered medical home healthcare data analytics that focus on cost, utilization and improved patient outcomes

17 February 2015

Here are five areas where MedInsight clients are using healthcare data and analytics in innovative ways to bring some order to the chaos

06 January 2015

Learn how data analytics help achieve the The Triple Aim to improving healthcare: improving health and experience while reducing the per capita cost

04 November 2014

Learn how the health insurance industry in India has come leaps and bounds since the launch of the first Mediclaim policy was enacted in 1986

15 September 2014

Learn how healthcare data analytics can help eliminate inefficient and unnecessary medical services, improving overall efficiency while reducing costs

11 September 2014

Learn how healthcare data analytics can help identify and reduce waste, estimated to be $200 billion dollars per year (almost 10% of total spending)

07 August 2014

Learn how MedInsight data analytics research shows that approximately 15% of commercial healthcare costs can be eliminated by site of service shifting.

31 July 2014

Learn why an accurate audit including both pharmacy and medical claims has the potential to pay back the investment many times over.

17 July 2014

If you are an analyst working with episode of care groupers for the first time, learn how to use the various value added flags assigned to episodes.

10 July 2014

Learn more about mounting research evidence shows that too many Americans are undergoing unnecessary spinal procedures and experiencing mixed outcomes.

23 April 2014

See the regional difference in emergency room/observation care utilization and inpatient admissions for syncope between four NY/NJ and CA plans.

28 March 2014

Based on our experience working with states and MCOs to help improve encounter data quality, we've identified the following to help improve results.

20 March 2014

Learn how to evaluate the relationship between episode of care (cost) and length of stay (LOS) in Appendicitis.

07 March 2014

Learn how to measure and promote the role of nurses in providing care and coordination services at the core of improved outpatient experiences.

24 February 2014

The New York Times reported allegations that a hospital chain unnecessarily admitted patients from the ED to increase Medicare and Medicaid revenues.

07 February 2014

Learn why the key to analyzing the Medicaid population is to create homogeneous sub-populations, how to define them, and issues that drive metrics.

24 January 2014

Learn how to eliminate the 30% of unnecessary healthcare in the US as reported by the CBO, starting with our healthcare waste calculator.

17 January 2014

Learn how both traditional and non-traditional types of data can assist in the performance of a robust population health analysis.

10 January 2014

19 December 2013

Learn more about the process of identifying the appropriate metrics for population health management and how one size does not fit all.

13 December 2013

In order to fulfill the proposed uses of data generated by APCDs, capturing and sharing Protected Health Information (PHI) is critical.

04 December 2013

Learn how to engage data suppliers to ensure source data quality for healthcare data warehouses to avoid 'garbage in, garbage out' .

15 November 2013

Learn about the Milliman control model, optimized for pediatric populations from the Truven Health Analytics MarketScan database using open source HCC.

12 November 2013

Learn how the Milliman Health Waste Calculator was developed from various publications about avoidable healthcare, medical waste, and Choosing Wisely.

29 October 2013

Learn why we recommend using 'observation episodes' as the unit for measuring and comparing observation vs. inpatient hospital utilization

11 October 2013

Learn how the AICU and IOCP models focus on proactive identification of chronically ill members using claims-based predictive model scoring.

04 October 2013

Learn why we're poised for a breakthrough integrating medical claims data and EHR data despite many barriers to sourcing this data.

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