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COVID-19 Analysis Report

A national research data set to gain COVID-19-specific early insights and comparisons to healthcare trends in your region or across the nation, that allow you to discern opportunities and plan ahead.


Unprecedented 2020 shifts in utilization and cost

It can be hard to know if you are out-performing or only matching other healthcare organizations, and where are the greatest opportunities to improve care for the populations you manage.

  • Which deferred care services are returning? Which are slow to return?
  • Are some settings, services and ancillary functions more impacted than others?
  • Which specific services have others successfully transitioned to virtual care?
  • Where are there gaps? Where are there disparities?

Plan and generate useful comparisons

Leveraging MedInsight’s near-real-time Emerging Experience data, our COVID-19 Analysis Report generates useful comparisons for each healthcare market, enabling organizations to pinpoint gaps in care, recognize disparities, and discern opportunities to improve healthcare management.

Your claims experience can be compared to the metrics and trends generated from MedInsight’s reference data set. This can help your organization anticipate and prepare for shifts in healthcare utilization. Advanced analyses on this data set can be customized to help you explore opportunities to improve healthcare quality and cost.


Navigating atypical times

Insights from national emerging experience to keep you informed of current trends and to support your tactical and strategic planning.

See actual trends

Near-real-time emerging experience can be used to generate comparisons, and to enhance or validate scenario modeling.

Reduce risk

Early indicators of trends can help you offset risk.

Improve quality of care

Analyses can detail areas of care improvement opportunities.

Improve workflow

Analyses can reveal which settings and services benefit from innovative workflows.

Reduce disparities

Custom analyses can drill down into disparities in care and outcomes.

Timely insights

A national view to current trends with minimal lag.


Three tiers of service


One-time purchase of the most current month’s report of healthcare trends across the nation, with nuanced variables that may help identify gaps, disparities and opportunities. A set of slides including chart visualizations of basic queries, as well as tables of summary data.

Comparison / Custom

We run the specific coded analyses on your organization’s data for directly comparable results to analyses from our normative data set. Examples of custom queries may include quality of care analyses, patterns of virtual care, disparities studies, specific focus on certain services or conditions.


An updated report each month of your selected analysis, based on monthly-refreshes of our national reference data set.


Drill-down into patterns of virtual care

New coverage flexibilities enabled shifts to virtual care. Many healthcare organizations added audio-only services, and some included online visits, e-check-ins, and remote physiologic monitoring. Trend analysis of various modes of virtual care can provide organizations with insights into virtual care needs and access for different populations.


Monitor trends in surgical procedures

In addition to current trends in cost and utilization for inpatient surgeries, you can monitor outpatient hospital surgeries, and surgeries in ambulatory surgical centers. Analyses enable insights into the ever-evolving patterns of care deferral and care prioritization – including surgical, medical, professional visits, ancillary services, and preventive care – in each healthcare market segment.


Understand patterns of COVID-19 testing

This distribution is markedly different for some clients, particularly for antibody testing and high throughput testing. Analyses can help organizations understand patterns of access, utilization and cost of COVID-19 testing.

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