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MedInsight Provider data analytics software

If you’re an ACO or at-risk provider, MedInsight Provider gives you everything you need to get the most out of your healthcare data.
MedInsight Solutions

We get the unique challenges that ACOs and at-risk providers face.

Help your risk-management staff leverage data more effectively and drive your business intelligence strategies with access to prebuilt reports, advanced query tools, and over 20 methodologies.

Enable the seamless flow of information across many provider use cases with innovative data mart and dashboarding features, such as advanced stratification of patients for population health teams.

And get comprehensive end-to-end data analysis in days, not weeks.

MedInsight Provider Solution

Support for multiple use cases

We’ve worked with provider organizations for over 20 years, and we developed MedInsight Provider specifically to tackle the challenges they face every day.

With over two decades of working exclusively with healthcare data, we know the use cases your organization needs to analyze, including:

  • Aggregation of claims and clinical data from multiple sources
  • Provider performance management/efficiency and leakage
  • ACO financial performance management
  • Contract management
  • Care coordination and delivery
  • Patient attribution
  • Risk stratification
  • Quality measures and care gaps support 

Aggregation of claims data

Our MedInsight Data Confidence Model and Data Warehouse lead the industry, so you can trust your data from the point of intake to the general ledger. MedInsight Provider can expertly integrate claims and attribution data from multiple sources, filling in gaps, creating proxy pricing, and providing a single format for analysis.

Provider performance management

Need to understand provider performance within your ACO? It’s easier than ever with MedInsight Provider, which evaluates providers using quality indicators, efficiency, waste identification (via the MedInsight Health Waste Calculator), and cost effectiveness. You can also identify network leakage, review management of events and episodes, and create specific interventions for targeted improvement.

Contract management

How do you know you’re getting the most from your contracts? MedInsight Provider reports profitability and attainment of quality scores to ensure you better understand your contracts for negotiation. MedInsight Provider analyzes revenue and expense information for payer and provider contracts to compare contract payments to actual costs.

Powerful analytics and visualization

MedInsight Provider includes some of Milliman’s most powerful analytic engines and visualization tools.

The Cube Browser can produce results from large sets of aggregate or summary data in seconds. MedInsight Query Express® allows you to drill down further into detailed, claim-line-level data for queries on specific populations or claims experiences, allowing you to comb through hundreds of millions of claim lines in seconds.

Customizable dashboards help you create powerful visuals that tell stories and reveal insights in your data. MedInsight uses one of the premier open-source libraries for advanced graphing, so our features always stay up to date.

Support you can count on

Have a question? MedInsight Learning is your one-stop shop for training videos, documentation, a constantly updated knowledge base, and everything you need to know about using MedInsight Provider.


What sets MedInsight apart?

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Accuracy
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Accuracy Icon

Rock-solid data confidence

Data confidence is—or should be—the foundation of any healthcare analytics platform. We understand that fact in our bones, and it’s reflected in our platform. If you can’t trust the data, you can’t trust that you’ll make the right choices.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Scalability
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Scalability Icon

Scalability, power & efficiency

The cloud-native MedInsight platform lets you tap into virtually unlimited computing and hosting capacity, efficiently giving you power that scales up and down to meet your needs, in real time.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Dashboards
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Dashboards Icon

A smart, modern interface

MedInsight has an all-new, highly visual interface that helps you quickly and easily visualize trends and ask important questions. You can start with preset reporting and data configurations and customize for specific business needs.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Analytics
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Analytics Icon

Legendary benchmarks

MedInsight’s benchmarking capabilities leverage the widely respected Milliman Health Cost Guidelines (HCGs) and years of benchmark experience, so you can draw on vast empirical data—over 2.5 billion records and 75 million lives. These are the healthcare industry’s most coveted benchmarks.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Consulting Experience
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Consulting Experience Icon

Deep industry expertise

We’ve been in this business longer than any of our competitors, and we have a deep bench of expertise around developing and supporting cloud-based software.

Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Reliability Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Benefits Reliability Icon

Bottom-line trust

MedInsight is one of the most highly regarded data warehousing and healthcare analytics platforms. We’re trusted by over 300 health plans, employers, at-risk providers and ACOs, state governments, community health coalitions, and third-party administrators.

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