MedInsight Certification & Learning Program

Continuing education on analytic methodologies and best practice to leverage data in your business decisions


The world of data analytics has rapidly advanced, and business-oriented healthcare technology education provides a valuable advantage

Leverage continuing education for diverse user roles and different technical levels

  • Gain deep technical information and best practices
  • Propagate a common analytic language across departments
  • Facilitate data-driven decision making and collaboration

Next-generation education services and training, from beginner to advanced.

Digital E-learning courses can be re-played on demand and provide an advanced knowledge backbone to help you optimize your healthcare analytics. Instructor-led interactive classes and skills labs build confidence through practical analytic exercises, coaching, and discussion of best practices.

This multi-modality program is accompanied by “how to” videos, webinars and real-world case studies.


A wide array of options for education. Continually expanding content and research insights.

Accelerate analytics adoption

Clear objectives, detailed knowledge, hands-on experience, and coaching, in the context of real-world scenarios. Courses progress logically along Learning Paths.

Inspire confidence

Instructor-led skills labs allow you to learn with others and practice analyzing some of the most frequent businesses questions healthcare organizations face today.

Drive data value

Gaining expertise in how to combine and interpret analytic methodologies empowers all users to leverage insights from data and identify opportunities to optimize healthcare.

Improve workflow

Awareness and understanding of the MedInsight Ecosystem enables nimbleness and appropriate views to facilitate decision-making.

Enhance transparency

No black boxes. We explain our methodologies, and the science behind them.

Save money

Flexible bundles, group classes, or individual courses bring you high value education options for all your stakeholders and decision-makers.


A blend of on-demand digital courses or videos, and in-person instructor-led training and practical skills labs.

Experience has taught us that effective education requires easy access, in-depth knowledge, detailed examples, and a helpful coach. We bring you all of these in a multi-modality flexible program.

Introductory primers

These primers provide a strong foundational background, and also walk-through some challenging analytic problems.

Technical certifications

Structured by methodology, these certification courses provide a deeper dive into the technical underpinnings, origins, and nuances of analytic solutions.

Instructor-led practical skills labs

Each lab begins with a real-world problem and a quick example, followed by analytic exercises, a best practices demonstration and discussion.

Instructor-led “in-person” classes

Custom classes exclusively for your organization with your data. Or demonstration classes for users from several organizations using de-identified training data.

On-demand videos

Quick videos to show how to use MedInsight products, features, and other resources.

Health analytics certifications (coming Spring 2021)

Multi-week series on Advanced Health Data Analytics and Population Health Analytics developed by national and international expert leaders.


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