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The Medinsight Ecosystem

Healthcare data analytics platform: Your job just got easier

With powerful software, bundled solutions, and some of the industry's most experienced minds behind it, MedInsight will help you find valuable insights in your data. Fast.


You ask the tough questions. We'll do the legwork.

For over two decades, we've worked with nearly every kind of healthcare organization across the U.S. We understand how quality analytics can help answer your most difficult business questions.

Our MedInsight solutions cut to the chase. They each provide a packaged set of functionality and analytics designed to address specific business needs.


MedInsight solutions

MedInsight Payer

Tell compelling data-driven stories with customizable dashboards and advanced graphing capabilities. Easily create sophisticated queries and produce answers in seconds using powerful, proprietary tools such as Query Express® and the Cube Browser. Gain confidence in your data with our industry-leading data quality processes and refresh times. Get comprehensive end-to-end data analysis in days, not weeks.

With prebuilt, payer-focused content, MedInsight Payer packages the functionality and analytics you need to get the most out of your data from the moment you log in.

MedInsight Provider

Help your management staff leverage data more effectively and drive your business intelligence strategies with access to prebuilt reports, advanced query tools, and over 20 methodologies. Enable the seamless flow of information across population health departments with innovative data mart and dashboarding features, such as advanced stratification of patients for care management outreach. Get comprehensive end-to-end data analysis in days, not weeks.

If you're an ACO or at-risk provider, MedInsight Provider helps you both facilitate and prioritize care for your at-risk populations while giving you the insight to project financial success with all your at-risk contracts.

MedInsight Multi-Payer

Many states use MedInsight Multi-Payer to perform the difficult and critical steps behind every successful All Payer Claims Database (APCD) initiative. MedInsight can be used to manage any or all parts of an APCD initiative, from data aggregation and integration to quality-based analytics and public reporting.

Business coalitions focused on healthcare can also trust MedInsight Multi-Payer to help improve quality and affordability by turning vast amounts of data into usable information and insights. MedInsight's capabilities deliver on key coalition strategies: rewarding providers for high quality and efficiency and promoting value-based care and information-sharing with everyone who is part of the healthcare equation.

MedInsight Employer

MedInsight Employer gives employers the insights they need to better analyze and manage healthcare benefit spending. Our healthcare data warehouse and reporting solution can help you manage your vendor relationships, understand the overall health of your employees, design more effective benefits, and analyze and compare key performance indicators against Milliman's authoritative benchmarks.

MedInsight Employer can help you both trim costs and improve employee health by surfacing insights from volumes of raw data and enabling smarter decisions by employers and third-party administrators, brokers, and consultants.

MedInsight Government

State governments need to make sense of vast amounts of healthcare data, especially as state Medicaid programs continue to grow in membership. With its powerful data warehousing and analytic solution, MedInsight Government can help you watch key healthcare trends proactively, so you can ensure that reimbursement rates are set appropriately. MedInsight Government can also help provide useful feedback to managed Medicaid plans within the state.

State governments are also large employers, and MedInsight Government can help.

MedInsight Employer Group Insights

Health plans and providers consistently face the challenge of clearly demonstrating their value to their employer group clients. Defining value requires not just a single metric, but a solid understanding of many health narratives, which are occurring across an increasingly complex system. Value–past, present, and future–is realized by extracting critical datapoints overlayed on pertinent population cohorts. This process requires expert knowledge of medical, behavioral, pharmacy, and care management interactions, and the data generated from those interactions.

MedInsight Employer Group Insights supports health plans or providers with direct to employer contracts in their unique business to demonstrate value with data. The database is built for health plan account executives, employer group benefit team leaders, or employer group consultants and brokers to easily navigate.

MedInsight Data Science Portal

The MedInsight Data Science Portal creates a cloud-based environment that minimizes the time data professionals spend on prepping data and enables them to do more complex data modeling and analysis. With easy access to their MedInsight data and pre-packaged models, they can now develop artificial intelligence and machine learning models more efficiently helping their organization to realize the full value of their data.

MedInsight Covid-19 analysis

A national research data set to gain COVID-19-specific early insights and comparisons to healthcare trends in your region or across the nation, that allow you to discern opportunities and plan ahead.


Our standalone products give you the flexibility to customize a MedInsight experience to your needs.

MedInsight products are the same robust groupers utilized in MedInsight solutions, decoupled and licensed individually. Whether you're looking to create custom benchmarks for a specific population or cut down on wasteful healthcare spending, there's a standalone MedInsight product for your organization.


MedInsight products

Healthcare Data Analytics Benchmark Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Benchmark Icon
Cost and utilization benchmarking

MedInsight Benchmarks

Leverages a core of vast empirical data, intimate local market knowledge for adjustment factors, and a wide number of plan and provider agreement variables.

Healthcare Data Analytics CCHGS Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics CCHGS Icon
Population health grouper

Chronic Condition Hierarchical Groups

Identifies cost trend drivers and effectively allocates disease and care management resources more accurately, using a unique clinical-care-based identification methodology.

Healthcare Data Analytics Guideline Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Guideline Icon
Inpatient efficiency measurement

Guideline Analytics

Identifies inefficiencies in the way care is delivered at a population level using the same evidence-based guidelines that promote effective individual care.

Healthcare Data Analytics Mara Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Mara Icon
Predictive risk modeling

Milliman Advanced Risk Adjusters

Offers a new approach to population health risk assessment with models that perform better, deliver more intelligent scoring, and offer greater clinical transparency.

Healthcare Data Analytics Cost Guidelines Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Cost Guidelines Icon
Site of care grouper

Health Cost Guidelines Grouper

Enables you to process your own claims experience through a Health Cost Guidelines (HCGs)-based methodology so that you can evaluate cost and utilization and better price your products.

Healthcare Data Analytics Waste Calculator Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Waste Calculator Icon
Low-value care identification

Health Waste Calculator

Identifies and quantifies wasteful healthcare spending and potentially unnecessary services to significantly improve healthcare efficiency and control costs.

Healthcare Data Analytics Conditions to Consider Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Conditions to Consider Icon
Risk score accuracy

Conditions to Consider

Leverages collaborative filtering to identify missing or inaccurate diagnoses and provide better understanding of their impact on risk-based contracts as well as a more accurate risk adjustment.

Healthcare Data Analytics Global RVUS Icon
Healthcare Data Analytics Global RVUS Icon
Provider efficiency measurement


Offers provider contracting support by measuring provider efficiency via the assignment of relative value units (RVUs) to all services, including physicians and hospitals, DMEs and lab, and prescription drugs.


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