MedInsight Analytic Platform

Using data to make better healthcare decisions and reduce costs is one of the key challenges facing the healthcare industry.

Milliman's MedInsight® Analytic Platform is a data warehousing and performance reporting solution that takes you efficiently from aggregation to analysis to action. It is the most comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable decision-support solution on the market, delivering the best ROI for clients.

MedInsight leverages Milliman's leading actuarial and clinical methodologies to deliver real value to clients. Users can analyze cost, efficiency, health, benefit design, and provider contracting arrangements, which allows them to identify opportunities for improvement.

Neither a general purpose database with healthcare features bolted on nor a platform developed by a software company to capitalize on the healthcare IT market, MedInsight has been built and continuously improved over more than a decade specifically to meet the real-world challenges that Milliman healthcare clients face every day.

Solving healthcare reform challenges

Healthcare reform is driving many changes—some still unknown—and healthcare organizations need to be able to adapt quickly to reforms. Milliman has already been solving healthcare reform challenges for clients and MedInsight has built these solutions into the latest version of the platform, MedInsight 8.0.

MedInsight 8.0 has been re-engineered to create a system that is so flexible and adaptable that new features and functionality can be added quickly and seamlessly, allowing your organization to immediately adapt to new regulations.

This makes MedInsight the right choice for these tumultuous times in healthcare.

The result is a flexible, practical, and effective system that can be customized to meet the needs of practically any organization with a need for timely, actionable healthcare business intelligence.

MedInsight version 8.0

With the launch of MedInsight 8.0, Milliman now offers an even stronger solution to the healthcare industry. This significant upgrade provides many additional benefits, including:

The release of Version 8.0 builds upon MedInsight's existing capabilities and provides your organization with a way to achieve even more value from the industry's most comprehensive performance measurement and analysis solution.

Analytic breadth and depth

MedInsight offers a wide and deep range of functionality to health plans, employers, ACOs, TPAs, state and federal governments, and other healthcare entities requiring assistance with data analytics to measure and improve performance.

Custom benchmarks

The combination of looming healthcare reform and trying economic times is driving health care organizations to find new ways to manage their financial and clinical performance. A crucial component of every strategy is the use of benchmarks for setting goals and communicating objectives to a wide range of stakeholders. MedInsight's benchmarking capabilities are best in class.

Cost and utilization analysis

MedInsight enables a client to thoroughly analyze its cost and utilization statistics and trends. There are a variety of options available to a user including various groupers and methodologies. Unique to MedInsight, and not available in any other product in the market place, is the incorporation of the Milliman Health Cost Guidelines (HCG) grouping methodology.

Incurred but not reported and reserves management

The need to effectively compute IBNR is crucial for risk-bearing entities. The MedInsight team has leveraged core Milliman knowledge and expertise, and enhanced our system with useful functionality for clients. Timelier reporting is realized through the inclusion of IBNR calculations in data reporting to ensure the completeness of claims data and support the establishment of reserves.

Clinical analytics

The clinical analytics available within MedInsight allow users to:

MedInsight clinical analytics include:

Data may also be organized by provider, giving you the opportunity to communicate with providers regarding their patients' compliance with recommended best protocols.

Clinical trend analysis and population management

Leveraging Milliman's powerful new analytic methodology, Chronic Conditions Hierarchical Groups (CCHGs), MedInsight users are able to identify cost trend drivers for better population management. Patients are assigned to one of 36 CCHG categories using a clinically-relevant hierarchy based on how physicians make treatment decisions. This enables a client to make smarter disease management decisions by more effectively allocating disease and care management resources.

Operations and administrative management

Not traditionally found in competitive analytic platforms, MedInsight leverages Milliman’s extensive consulting background to enable clients to analyze various operations and administrative aspects of their businesses. With MedInsight, you can analyze the efficiency of the health plan operational areas, including claims, medical management, customer service, and administration, as well as audit medical and pharmacy claims to identify inappropriately paid claims, claim coding issues, claims paid for ineligible members, and potential abusive billing practices.

Employer group reporting

For those clients serving the needs of employers, MedInsight offers effective reporting packages. The employer reporting functionality within MedInsight includes the ability to generate reports containing detailed information that employer clients specifically want.

MedInsight features


MedInsight's version 8.0 is a highly anticipated system due to the robust functionality it offers, the customizability and adaptable nature of the product, and the efficient implementation timeframes clients can expect. MedInsight is one of the most flexible decision support systems on the market.

High-quality data aggregation

Milliman MedInsight ensures that the data that is loaded into the system is high quality and financially reconcilable. Efficient data loading procedures mean days, not weeks to get data into the system.


Favored for executive reporting, dashboards are a core component of MedInsight. CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs commonly rely on MedInsight dashboards to monitor key performance indicators in a timely and effective manner. MedInsight’s customized dashboard capabilities allow CEOs to have dashboards providing companywide key indicators, while CFOs and chief medical officers can access dashboards tailored for their needs.


MedInsight provides a comprehensive suite of reports and ad-hoc analysis capabilities to meet the needs of all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

Delivery options

MedInsight is typically delivered in an ASP-hosted model. Milliman's domestic data center will house servers for application hosting and data processing. Alternatively, Milliman provides clients with the option of installing MedInsight within their own infrastructure.

Milliman consulting expertise

Decision-support systems are a necessity in today's complex healthcare marketplace, but technology alone is rarely enough to achieve maximum return on investment.

With more than 60 years of experience consulting to the healthcare industry, Milliman has the actuarial, clinical, and IT resources to help maximize your return on investment.

Dedicated and proactive account management

A strategic account management program helps our clients get maximum value from MedInsight products. This proactive program includes monthly calls to ensure clients’ needs are fully understood and met, quarterly or semi-annually onsite meetings, and refresher trainings via periodic webinars.

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If you are seeking to improve quality of care while containing costs, contact us to learn more about the MedInsight Analytic Platform and the wealth of expertise, data management, and analytic technology that Milliman offers. We would be happy to meet with your team to discuss your needs and our capabilities.

To receive more information, please contact Todd Fessler, MedInsight Sales and Marketing Director.

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To receive more information, please contact Todd Fessler, MedInsight Sales and Marketing Director.

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