Milliman MedInsight® is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, and has been adopted by payers, purchasers, providers and other healthcare clients. Additional MedInsight products include solutions that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations, as well as individual tools that can address specific business needs.


MedInsight’s analytics are used by many types of healthcare organizations, including health plans, at-risk providers/ACOs, employers, third-party administrators, state Medicaid agencies, and multi-payer coalitions. Common use cases for which MedInsight is used include cost and utilization analysis, employer group reporting, population health management, care management, quality and efficiency measurement, and avoidable events and services.

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MedInsight Platform

Milliman's MedInsight Analytic Platform is a data warehousing and analytic reporting system that takes you efficiently from aggregation to analysis to action. It is the most comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable business intelligence platform for payers, at-risk providers, employers and multi-payer coalitions. MedInsight leverages Milliman's leading actuarial and clinical methodologies to deliver deep insight to clients. Licensees of MedInsight are empowered with robust functionality to analyze cost and utilization, physician/hospital efficiency and quality, population health, and identification of wasteful healthcare services. Users can compare their own performance metrics against Milliman benchmarks to identify opportunities for improvement. Built on Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft’s Analytic Services Platform, MedInsight has become a preferred choice by many healthcare organizations seeking robust analytics combined with high performance.