Milliman MedInsight® is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, and has been adopted by payers, purchasers, providers and other healthcare clients. Additional MedInsight products include solutions that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations, as well as individual tools that can address specific business needs.


MedInsight’s analytics are used by many types of healthcare organizations, including health plans, at-risk providers/ACOs, employers, third-party administrators, state Medicaid agencies, and multi-payer coalitions. Common use cases for which MedInsight is used include cost and utilization analysis, employer group reporting, population health management, care management, quality and efficiency measurement, and avoidable events and services.

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Conditions to Consider

Conditions to Consider™ is an exciting new product from the Milliman MedInsight® suite of machine learning analytics. It identifies and leverages similarities between patients within a population to ensure appropriate patient morbidity in risk-based contracts and assists in medical case finding initiatives. Similarity is defined based on a patient’s demographic information, medical conditions, and prescription histories. It uses collaborative filtering analytics, a common approach among online retailers that leverages elements like purchase history to identify similar shoppers.