Milliman MedInsight® is one of the healthcare industry’s most highly regarded platforms for data warehousing and healthcare analytics, and has been adopted by payers, purchasers, providers and other healthcare clients. Additional MedInsight products include solutions that provide preconfigured or custom reporting and data configurations, as well as individual tools that can address specific business needs.


MedInsight’s analytics are used by many types of healthcare organizations, including health plans, at-risk providers/ACOs, employers, third-party administrators, state Medicaid agencies, and multi-payer coalitions. Common use cases for which MedInsight is used include cost and utilization analysis, employer group reporting, population health management, care management, quality and efficiency measurement, and avoidable events and services.



By 2015, as many as 20 states will have launched All Payer Claims Database (APCD) initiatives. Milliman’s MedInsight® team has been hired by multiple states to perform the difficult and critical steps associated with successful APCD programs. MedInsight is able to manage any and all parts of an APCD initiative: data aggregation and integration, quality-based analytics, and public reporting.

Milliman’s experience in this emerging market has made MedInsight one of the go-to vendors for states. Not only are our technology and data management processes best-in-class, but the APCD experts from Milliman are arguably the deepest in the industry. Further, states that have already hired a vendor for their APCDs can license standalone MedInsight software tools to perform additional analyses such as the MedInsight Health Waste Calculator.

Business coalitions that are focused on the healthcare industry can turn to MedInsight® solutions from Milliman to help achieve their core objectives of improving the quality and affordability of healthcare. The key strategies of the coalition market segment—rewarding providers for high quality and efficiency, promoting value-based care, and information-sharing with all those who are part of the healthcare equation—can be supported by capabilities from MedInsight. Multiple community-based healthcare coalitions have entrusted Milliman’s MedInsight team with the challenging job of turning vast amounts of data into usable information and insight.

The data-driven projects that many coalitions embark on require data from many sources to be integrated before analysis can begin. The same processes that Milliman deploys for our state All Payer Claims Database Program are leveraged for coalition projects. This includes making sure that all data passes through the MedInsight Data Confidence Model before being stored in our robust healthcare data warehouse. Coalitions can then select from more than a dozen analytic components based on the type of analysis being sought (e.g., provider compliance with evidence-based measures).